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Are you looking for a paylay jacket or torque denim? Here at Cultural Resource Basics, our goal is to help you find the highest-quality Urban and African-American clothing, shoes and other fashions for your specific needs. Black fashion and styles for people of color has been long neglected in the Internet community. We at Cultural Resource Basics are are striving to change this. As a consumer, you may know what an overwhelming task it is to sort through all the listings on the Internet -- given the sheer quantity of products that available from countless online merchants. We do the homework for you by carefully hand-selecting each vendor. Although this research is time consuming, it is the only way we know to filter out bad vendors, leaving only those that offer quality products that are also reasonably priced and backed by superb customer support.

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Since 2003, we've partnered with the leading retailer of urban apparel, trendsetting streetwear and popular American heritage clothing. We've got all of the latest and greatest styles -- a tremendous selection of apparel for men, women and children. Shop more than 10,000 styles and hundreds of brands -- including Nike, LRG, Apple Bottoms, Levi's, Rocawear and more.

Support the United Negro College Fund

Over the course of 60 years, the United Negro College Fund has made America stronger by helping to educate 300,000 students at more than 950 colleges, providing operational funding for 38 member schools and providing advanced training for faculty and administrators.

Visit the AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOSAIC -- A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History & Culture

This informative resource features topics such as:

Personal Stories and ACS New Directions

Influence of Prominent Abolitionists
Conflict of Abolition and Slavery

Western Migration and Homesteading
Nicodemus, Kansas
Chicago: Destination for the Great Migration

WPA (Work Projects Administration):
Cavalcade of the American Negro
Authors and the Federal Writers' Project
Ex-slave Narratives

Important Black Authors


Justice, More Peace: The Black Person's Guide to the American Legal System by Nedra Campbell From the very beginning, 

America has been shrouded in clouds of hypocrisy... More Justice, More Peace: The Black Person's Guide to the American Legal System
by Nedra Campbell

Ms. Campbell was born in Atlanta Georgia; however, currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. She received a degree from Duke University and a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Ms. Campbell has represented clients in both the state and federal court systems.

Besides being an attorney, she is the author of an excellent legal guide written for African Americans, More Justice, More Peace: The Black Person's Guide to the American Legal System.

From Library Journal
With racial profiling as her starting point, attorney Campbell addresses the legal rights of African Americans and how they can make the system work for them. This guide will empower family members, consumers, tenants, business owners, voters, and more.
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Book Description:
An essential guide to making "the system" work in the reader's favor, this book will arm African American employees, family members, consumers, tenants, business owners, civil plaintiffs, voters, criminal suspects, prisoners, and victims with legal information that will empower them to demand that those in power respect and honor their rights, no matter how difficult their situation. The American legal system was created by white men for white men, and therefore it often fails to reflect and protect the values and interests of black men and women. But over a century after slavery and decades after Jim Crow, African Americans can now use this imperfect system to their advantage. The notion of having rights is flawed; citizens truly have only those rights they choose to exercise or claim, and this book will show them how to do so. top of page

Tears for Water: Songbook of Poems and Lyrics by ALICIA KEYS
From Publishers Weekly: No doubt Keys has a fascinating story to tell—raised by a single mother, she's a classically trained, New York born-and-bred neo-soulster with two multiplatinum albums and five Grammys to her name—but she merely hints at it in this gathering of poems and lyrics. With their themes of loneliness, confusion, wonder and desire, most of Keys's free-verse poems could be the cris de coeur of any American 20-something: "Sometimes I feel/ like I don't belong anywhere/ And it's going to take so long/ for me to get somewhere/ Sometimes I feel so heavy-hearted/ but I can't explain/ cause I'm so guarded." But other poems hint at her world travels, her budding sense of social justice and her concerns about stardom ("When gone is the glory/ When gone is the shine/ Is gone the whole/ Of your fortune and pride?"). Nearly half of the book consists of lyrics from her two albums, Songs in A Minor and The Diary of Alicia Keys; while they make a nice complement to the poems, the words feel a bit flat without the blaxploitation beat of "Heartburn," say, or the impassioned vocal delivery of "Fallin.' " For the Keys completist, however, this will be a compelling book of rock ephemera. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Marie Claire, December 2004 ...Keys gives your heart a tug without the subsequent eye roll.

Tears for Water: Songbook of Poems and Lyrics
by ALICIA KEYS top of page

The Autobiography of 
Martin Luther King, Jr. by Martin Luther King Jr., Clayborne Carson I was born in the late twenties on the verge of the Great Depression, which was to spread its disastrous arms into every corner of...
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Martin Luther King Jr., Clayborne Carson
"I was born in the late twenties on the verge of the Great Depression, which was to spread its disastrous arms into every corner of..."

Celebrated Stanford University historian Clayborne Carson is the director and editor of the Martin Luther King Papers Project; with thousands of King's essays, notes, letters, speeches, and sermons at his disposal, Carson has organized King's writings into a posthumous autobiography. In an early student essay, King prophetically penned: "We cannot have an enlightened democracy with one great group living in ignorance.... We cannot have a nation orderly and sound with one group so ground down and thwarted that it is almost forced into unsocial attitudes and crime." Such statements, made throughout King's career, are skillfully woven together into a coherent narrative of the quest for social justice. The autobiography delves, for example, into the philosophical training King received at Morehouse College, Crozer Theological Seminary, and Boston University, where he consolidated the teachings of Afro-American theologian Benjamin Mays with the philosophies of Locke, Rousseau, Gandhi, and Thoreau. Through King's voice, the reader intimately shares in his trials and triumphs, including the Montgomery Boycott, the 1963 "I Have a Dream Speech," the Selma March, and the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. In one of his last speeches, King reminded his audience that "in the final analysis, God does not judge us by the separate incidents or the separate mistakes that we make, but by the total bent of our lives." Carson's skillful editing has created an original argument in King's favor that draws directly from the source, illuminating the circumstances of King's life without deifying his person. --Eugene Holley Jr.
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A professor of history and the noted author and editor of several books on the civil rights struggle, Dr. Clayborne Carson was selected by the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to edit and publish Dr. King's papers. Drawing upon an unprecedented archive of King's own words--including unpublished letters and diaries, as well as video footage and recordings--Dr. Carson creates an unforgettable self-portrait of Dr. King. In his own vivid, compassionate voice, here is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as student, minister, husband, father, and world leader . . . as well as a rich, moving chronicle of a people and a nation in the face of powerful--and still resonating--change.
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The urban landscape is ever-changing, and with the new music comes a new fashion sensibility. Our affiliate partner has been a pioneer in providing these urban fashions since 1975, growing from a single store in the South Bronx section of New York to 17 stores throughout the New York Metro area.

This internet store now enables us to share our merchant-partner's passion for urban fashion with millions of consumers around the world. Our partner has built its success over the last 25 years by offering the latest styles from the leading brands, while continually discovering new brands to bring to shoppers. Our partner was there as urban fashion was born in the inner-city, and continues to expand today both online and offline, as urban fashion breaks free of all geographic and cultural boundaries. top of page

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Autobiography of Malcolm X by MALCOLM X would move. I am not sure why he made this decision, for he was not a frightened Negro, as most then were, and many still...
Autobiography of Malcolm X

"would move. I am not sure why he made this decision, for he was not a frightened Negro, as most then were, and many still..."

Malcolm X's searing memoir belongs on the small shelf of great autobiographies. The reasons are many: the blistering honesty with which he recounts his transformation from a bitter, self-destructive petty criminal into an articulate political activist, the continued relevance of his militant analysis of white racism, and his emphasis on self-respect and self-help for African Americans. And there's the vividness with which he depicts black popular culture--try as he might to criticize those lindy hops at Boston's Roseland dance hall from the perspective of his Muslim faith, he can't help but make them sound pretty wonderful. These are but a few examples. The Autobiography of Malcolm X limns an archetypal journey from ignorance and despair to knowledge and spiritual awakening. When Malcolm tells coauthor Alex Haley, "People don't realize how a man's whole life can be changed by one book," he voices the central belief underpinning every attempt to set down a personal story as an example for others. Although many believe his ethic was directly opposed to Martin Luther King Jr.'s during the civil rights struggle of the '60s, the two were not so different. Malcolm may have displayed a most un-Christian distaste for loving his enemies, but he understood with King that love of God and love of self are the necessary first steps on the road to freedom. --Wendy Smith

If there was any one man who articulated the anger, the struggle, and the beliefs of African Americans in the 1960s, that man was Malxolm X. His AUTOBIOGRAPHY is now an established classic of modern America, a book that expresses like none other the crucial truth about our times.
"Extraordinary. A brilliant, painful, important book."
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